5 Reasons the 2018 Honda Clarity is the World’s Most Versatile Hybrid

March 22nd, 2018 by

The 2018 Honda Clarity is definitely a versatile hybrid. If you are in the market for a hybrid vehicle, you have to check it out. Keep reading to find out five reasons why the Honda Clarity is the world’s most versatile hybrid, and why you should consider buying one for yourself.

1. Excellent All-Electric Range

The Honda Clarity receives excellent all–electric fuel range of 47 miles on a single charge. That means you can commute to work more than 20 miles and drive another 20 miles home without stopping to charge the battery or filling up at the gas station. Plus, if you upgrade to the Honda Clarity with a hydrogen fuel cell battery, which goes on sale later this year in California, you receive a whopping estimated range of 366 miles. That is longer than any other electric car on the market, even Tesla’s Model S P100D which has the largest battery available.

2. Gas and Electricity Power for Longer Rides

The Honda Clarity makes use of electric and gas power for longer rides, and fuel and emissions savings on shorter trips. You can get to most places with the standard 47 mile electric range you receive when you buy a Honda Clarity. However, you also have the added versatility of the gas-powered engine if you need to make longer trips to grandma’s house or for cross-country road trips with friends.

3. An Entertaining Customizable Ride

In your 2018 Honda Clarity, you have the ability to switch between several modes including normal, ECON, and sport. These options give you the ability to customize your ride and each gives you different options for recharging the electric fuel cell. In sport mode, the car is zippy and fun to drive. Plus, the combination of the gas and electric-powered motors guarantees you a more powerful ride than many competitors.

4. Recharge While You Drive

You do not have to make a stop at a charging station to recharge your Clarity’s electric battery. All you have to do is switch to HV mode which uses the gas and electric engine to generate electricity while you are driving. In addition, the regenerative braking system recharges your battery each time you lift the accelerator and when the brakes are applied.

5. Mid-Sized Sedan Fuel Savings

The Honda Clarity is the only car in its class to offer its incredible driving range. This is really impressive considering that the Clarity is a full-sized sedan with comfortable seating for five people. It is one of the only full-sized plug-in hybrids on the market today, making it a clear choice for consumers looking for a family car that can be plugged in.

The versatility of the 2018 Honda Clarity makes it a great option for any consumer looking for a plug-in hybrid vehicle, especially if you are in the market for a full-sized sedan with excellent electric range. Plus, there are many great features aside from the electric motor to enjoy when you buy a 2018 Honda Clarity.

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