Here Are The 4 Most Common Reasons Your Heater Broke

November 2nd, 2017 by

As the winter wears on and the temperatures get colder and colder, you need a vehicle with sufficient heat. Nothing can make the daily drive to work worse than having no heat on a cold day. If you are currently experiencing heat problems, it could be caused by any of these common heater problems.

Low Antifreeze

If your antifreeze is low, your car won’t heat as efficiently. If you find it difficult to keep antifreeze in your car, it could be due to a leak in the cooling system. This is the most common cause of a lack of auto heat. You can usually check your car’s antifreeze levels by looking under the hood. The liquid level should be close to the full line, and if it is not, it might be time to add more antifreeze. However, if there is a leak, you might have to schedule a repair. If you are not comfortable with checking your antifreeze levels yourself, take it to a local mechanic.

Blower Fan is Not Working

The blower fan is an important part of your car’s heating system. If the blower fan stops working or does not work as quickly as needed, you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of heat or cold air that comes into your car. If your blower is managed electronically, it could be an issue with the electrical switch getting stuck. If you are familiar with blower fans, you can attempt to diagnose this problem yourself; otherwise, you will want to take it to a local repair shop.

Heater Core Problems

The heater core might be the most important part of your auto heating system. The heater core acts as a radiator, allowing the heat to flow into the air vents in your car. Because the heater core is often covered by other mechanical parts and can be difficult to reach, this is usually a more complex repair. You can identify that the heater core is the problem by paying attention to your lack of heat symptoms. If you notice a lot of window fog or interior condensation or your car’s engine is constantly overheating, it could be due to heater core problems. It is best to have your heater core looked at by a professional.

Auto-Thermostat Problems

If your engine’s temperature is getting too hot, it could also be a symptom of auto thermostat problems. When the thermostat goes bad, the valve that controls the heat and air does not work as well. If you are having a problem with a broken or stuck thermostat, you will want to see a mechanic. Repairing the auto thermostat can be a simple repair, but if it is not repaired properly, it can lead to more extensive of repairs that can be much more expensive.

Heat is a necessity in cold weather driving conditions. There can be many reasons why your vehicle’s heat has stopped working. These are some of the most common causes of a lack of heat.